October, 2018, updated November, 2018

Unfortunately, a fire occurred in the shopping center in which we are located in the early AM hours (1:30 AM) on Tuesday, October 16th.  The fire started in the restaurant two doors to our east.  No flames reached our facility, fortunately, but we did have heavy smoke damage.  There were no cats hospitalized in our nuclear medicine ward at that time.   We feel very grateful that no animals and no humans were hurt at all as a result of this event.

However, it turns out that the structural and other damage to the building and to the entire shopping center was far more extensive than we had originally thought.  As it turns out, the entire shopping center will need a new roof, all new heating/cooling systems, and electrical work.  In addition, because of the smoke damage, we will require new ceiling tiles, along with major cleaning and restoration work.  That means, very unfortunately for all of us and for our patients, that we will be closed for business until the repairs and restoration are complete.

At the present time, we do not have a definite timeline on when that may be, but because it will involve extensive work (with permits from City Hall needed before we can begin – not typically a speedy process!), we have been told that we can expect to remain closed until February of 2019.

If your cat is a candidate for radioiodine treatment that cannot and/or should not wait until we are able to reopen (your own veterinarian can advise you regarding what is best for your kitty), we suggest that you contact one of the following facilities:



We will update our website should our situation change or when we get updated information.   In the meantime, if you would like to leave a message on our voicemail (through Cat Hospital of Chicago), please feel free to do so.  Voicemail messages are checked daily but due to our circumstances, there may be a lag time of several days before we are able to return calls.

Thank you for your understanding.