Costs and treatment particulars

Hypurrthyroid Treatment for Cats radioiodine fee currently ranges from $1,685 - $1,910, depending on how much drug is required to treat each patient (which also factors into the required length of hospitalization in the nuclear ward). Higher dosages of drug incur higher fees. All fees will be discussed prior to treatment.

This includes

  • Review of all pertinent patient records, including patient history, lab reports, radiographs and discussion with cat owner
  • Patient examination
  • Radioiodine (I-131) treatment and monitoring
  • Blood pressure measurements as needed during your patient’s stay with us
  • Hospitalization in our nuclear ward until your patient’s level of radioactivity is low enough to allow release from the hospital, usually 1-5 days
  • Patient monitoring by our doctors and our Certified Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistant team, including administration of needed non-thyroid medications
  • Food, water and litter twice daily, more often if needed
  • Oral anti-anxiety medication and/or appetite stimulants as needed throughout the hospitalization period
  • Daily updates to patient owners
  • TLC within radiation safety guidelines, as desired by our patients

The above fee does not include any pre-treatment testing that was not done prior to radioiodine. It also does not include any emergency medical tests (lab work, radiographs), or other procedures that are unexpectedly needed during a patient’s stay with us. Your clients will be notified and asked to approve any additional fees should the need arise. The above fee also does not include any additional days of boarding beyond the initial treatment period, once the cats level of radioactivity deem it safe to be released.